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Craftsy Kit Sale

Bow Tie Ascot (Small)
Ruffled & Ruched Special Edition
Bow Tie Ascot (Large)
Triple Plait Infinity Loop
Brooklyn Mitts


  1. C. Gronewold says:

    Hi Pam!

    I have been following your work and I really admire your designs. I saw the message on your page about your kits being on sale at Craftsy, but when I went to the Craftsy site I couldn’t find the kits listed at your sale prices. I did find the bow tie scarf after some digging and saw that it was available in small for $9.90 and in large for $20.35. I am not sure how I got to the sale on that item, because when I searched again all I could find was the large size of that kit at the higher price. I would like to order the ruffled and ruched scarf that you offer for the $29.00 sale price. How do I go about doing that? Please let me know so I can take advantage of your special offer. I have my cart on the Craftsy page ready to go after I get your instructions.

    Cathy G.

    • Pam says:

      Hi Cathy…I’m so sorry but the Ruffled & Ruched kit (Triple Plait as well) is sold out on Craftsy. The Bow Tie Ascot has one listing for both sizes…you select either small or large and the corresponding price will appear.

  2. Rebecca says:

    HI Pam,

    I’m also having trouble purchasing a kit. I’d like the Brooklyn Mitts kit. I can go to the Craftsy site and put it in my cart, but the sale price does not come up. Do you have any hints for me? Thank you, Rebecca

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